The Oath of the Father (Kindred of the Sea Book 2)

The Oath of the Father (Kindred of the Sea Book 2)
: C.J. Adrien
: Creativia
: 290
: Fiction : General
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France, 822 A.D.

Abriel Haraldsson is a man on the run.

After being injured in combat and taken to a nearby monastery to recover, the monks fake Abriel's death and take him to a faraway island to be converted to their faith.

Believing the king to be dead, suitors from the north descend upon the island of Herius, intending to marry Queen Kenna and gain access to her kingdom. Standing out is the powerful warlord Turgeis — known for his prowess in battle and lust for blood — who sets his sights upon the queen.

But when a messenger from afar returns with news that Abriel has survived his injuries, the warlord sets sail to ensure the king will never return.

And so, the hunt begins.

Praise from readers and critics:

????? - " epic fictional Norse saga set in the ninth century, featuring royalty, repressed love, battles, and the raw appeal of untrammeled nature...steeped in period detail and political backbiting in a richly imagined world..." - Kirkus Reviews

????? - "Brilliant writing style, superb attention to detail and a high amount of research... thoroughly enjoyed." - Donna Maguire, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

????? - "The character development was vivid and believable... Enjoyed the story from cover to cover and highly recommend it." - Colleen Hall, Amazon Review

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