Quick Tips on Vegetable Gardening: Starting Your Garden

Quick Tips on Vegetable Gardening: Starting Your Garden
: J.Q. Rose, Gardener Ted
: Gardener Publishing
: 21
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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Here's what readers say about Quick Tips on Vegetable Gardening:

5 Stars--A Good Basic Gardening Book "A basic guide to growing your own vegetable garden. If you are a beginner this book can help you get started. From why have a garden to planning, planting, and care, this guide is filled with ideas and suggestions for you to be a successful gardener. Even a seasoned gardener may enjoy this as a refresher course and reap some new ideas." Beth W.

5 Stars-- Great Gardening Book "This is a great little book for gardeners. It's got step by step directions and lots of helpful tips." Sandra C.

5 Stars--Simple to Follow Quick Tips "Love the easy flow and down to earth approach! Great tips from tried and true gardening. New gardeners and the more seasoned can find helpful ideas to utilize." Starr R.

5 Stars--Great Tips to Help You Grow Your Own Veggies "I did enjoy this, as I love a garden and love fresh vegetables...
I did learn something from Gardener Ted...toilet paper??? That's a new one!" Miss Mae

DO YOU WANT TO SAVOR VEGETABLES grown in your own backyard? Save money on food? Add healthy vegetables to your diet? We can help you with quick, practical tips on growing a vegetable garden.
*Learn how to get ready for gardening,
*how to plan a garden for four seasons of eating enjoyment,
*how to start seeds and more.
Newly Updated--Quick Tips for Vegetable Gardening is dedicated to offering you quick tips and advice for you to grow veggies in a garden plot, container, raised bed, or vertical gardening. This eBook is written with clear and concise tips to get you started.
The purpose of sharing these gardening tips is not only to advise you on best gardening practices, but also to afford you the opportunity for a satisfying and fulfilling experience with a garden that produces delicious vegetables for your eating pleasure year after year.
The authors have years of experience growing their own vegetable gardens, producing plants in commercial greenhouses, and owning and operating a garden center. They know how to grow a productive garden. This guide is jam-packed with information to help you produce delicious vegetables for your dinner table.

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