How my best friend cured his bad breath.

How my best friend cured his bad breath.
: Atkins Oluwasegun Ibrahim
: 70
: Non Fiction : Health
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Richard was sacked from work. His company complained of his totally stinking mouth.
He was telling me how people coughed, moved a distance from him or, covered their noses when he talked. Just then and right there, I couldn't stand it anymore after some minutes of frequently holding my breath. I had to let out a cough! He was totally disappointed and embarrassed, I could read it all over his face. I was the only one he could turn too, I was his last hope! Now he made me cough too.

His girlfriend already left! He told me how it happened. He told me that he noticed his girlfriend coughed as he talked and wouldn't kiss him anymore. He demanded a reason for that. And she had to take it upon herself to let him that know his breath reeked, and she left immediately, since then she didn't come to visit or place a call over. That spelt the end of 'them'.

As if that wasn't enough for a man. Bad breath turned Richard to something else. He would raise a hand in fight against anyone who covered nose where ever he was. I had to stop a fight or two whenever we were together. He was going crazy!
Perhaps, he missed those days when he was surrounded by friends. Now he had no one except half of me because, to be honest, other half of me left him a long time ago.
Snow was no more in town, or maybe he was also keeping his distance from a friend with stinking mouth!
People he (Richard) fought and those around gave him a name, 'Funk breath'. This was the 'name' I told you earlier that he hated to be called. He could kill for it. He almost did!

One day, I said to myself, 'this must end! Richard can't continue living like this.' Our dentists were trying their best in recommending products to us. They diagnosed his bad breath condition to be intra-oral halitosis. But we needed to learn more about this condition if we were to totally eliminate it.
With the zeal of curing Richard off his sole-enemy, we went into research. Then we got to know a lot of things about Bad breath, which is also known as Halitosis. Then I put them down in a book and I named it 'How my best friend cured his bad breath'.

Guess what? This book includes how Richard got rid of his Halitosis, and now living his life better than the way it was.

I will advice you go to your study, get a book and a pen. There is a lot to learn! Let's go.

What to expect in the book?

1. What is Bad breath.

2. Types of bad breath.

3.Origin or sources of Bad breath.

4. Symptoms of Bad breath

5. Causes of Bad breath

6. Ways of preventing Bad breath.

7. Diagnosis of Bad breath

8. Effects of bad breath

9. Treatment and Home remedy of Bad breath.

10. How Richard cured his Bad breath.

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