The Fart That Got Away (Stinky Epic Book 1)

The Fart That Got Away (Stinky Epic Book 1)
: Stinky McToots
: 31
: Kids : General
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How does one cope with the loss of a fart?

#1 Best Smelling Author, Stinky McToots, has the answer in this slick rhyming and inspirational book about friendship.

They go from strangers to BFF's to suddenly separated. But do they get reunited?

The testimonials* speak for themselves:
  • "I haven't seen such a rich friendship between a kid and an inanimate object since The Giving Tree." - No-one Ever
  • "Immature, Irreverent, and Juvenile" - Lamest Person Ever
  • "A true literary achievement. I offer words as congratulatory as they are flatulatory." - Stinky McToots Sr.
  • "A book about friendship, strength, and fartitude" - Mrs. McToots
  • "A True Tour-De-Farts." - Another Made Up Person
  • "Technically speaking, trees aren't inanimate objects." - An obnoxious nerd, regarding the first comment

Well... You don't have to take the reviewer's words for it...

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