The Adventures of Laffe the Giraffe: Friends Don't Bully Friends

The Adventures of Laffe the Giraffe: Friends Don't Bully Friends
: Toby Beavers
: TNT Publishers LLC
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: Kids : General
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Beautifully illustrated and fun Stories with anti-bullying messages for 6-8 Year Olds
(Perfect for Bedtime & Early Learning Beginning Readers)
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The dangerous African savanna. A young, unhappy giraffe is all alone. Suddenly, chilling, creepy laughs from a pack of hungry hyenas get closer and closer...This could be BIG trouble! How much trouble? Do you really want to know?

Laffe [pronounced 'laugh'] doesn’t feel like his name. Everyone bullies him, from his sister to random baboons. But escaping to the quiet of the savanna doesn’t work out as planned. He finds himself trapped in a thorny tree with hungry hyenas closing in.

"Friends Don't Bully Friends" is a self-esteem children's book. It is written with happy 'kindness starts with you' messages for young children suffering from physical and emotional abuse from siblings.

Enjoy Laffe's comic adventures as we teach and laugh together proving that positive change is possible with children.

This fun Amazon children's picture animal eBook series begins with Book 1 - "Friends Don't Bully Friends."

It’s full of playful action and amusing adventure.

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