Excellence in Motion: 25 of the Finest Acts of Sportsmanship

Excellence in Motion: 25 of the Finest Acts of Sportsmanship
: Dave Tomlinson
: 189
: Non Fiction : General
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If you want to learn more about the most beautiful moments in sport, then keep reading…

As a sports fan, you know that in any genuine contest, there is a desperation to win. In the modern professional era of sport, a culture of winning at all costs has developed. Unfortunately, amid this intense pressure, the traditional sporting values of respect, civility and compassion are being lost. It's for this reason, that genuine gestures of sportsmanship are so greatly acclaimed and deeply admired.

Whether you are a player, coach or fan, true acts of sportsmanship create a truly heart-warming moment. When you see an athlete or team having the courage and conviction to sacrifice what they’ve been striving for in the name of fair play it is something to celebrate. The match scores will eventually slip into obscurity but such moments endure as shining examples of how the human spirit is ultimately more powerful and important than a sporting contest.

These are the headlines you may know but the stories you don’t. In this book you will discover there is a sense of victory in the quality of competition and a supreme demeanour on the field of play. It reveals some of the greatest sporting champions, regardless of the scoreboard. Each of them realised winning through bad sportsmanship is no real victory. After all, to play is in the mind but to win is in the heart.

Excellence in Motion includes the wonderful stories of:

    ✪ German long jumper Luz Long befriending and helping his rival Jesse Owens win an Olympic gold medal
    ✪ Jack Nicklaus famously conceding a putt to his rival Tony Jacklin after a fiercely contested Ryder Cup
    ✪ Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist walking from the crease during the World Cup semi-final against Sri Lanka
    ✪ The unforgettable scenes created by Olympic sprinter Derek Redmond being helped across the finish line by his father
    ✪ Around the world yachtsman Pete Goss risking his life to save the life of fellow competitor Raphael Dinelli
    ✪ The tragic consequences of football player Pat Tillman sacrificing a multi-million dollar contract to join the army

And many more! There are a total of 13 different sports in the 25 chapters so there is guaranteed to be something for every fan. This is one of the best sports books of 2019 and a great addition to your collection.

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