Kevin the Rainbow Snail: How an Unusual Snail Found Friends (book 1)

Kevin the Rainbow Snail: How an Unusual Snail Found Friends (book 1)
: Karen G. Reeves
: 34
: Kids : General
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Immerse yourself together with your child in the world of amazing adventures of Kevin the Rainbow Snail!

It is very enjoyable and easy for you as a parent to read this story, filled with beautiful poems that are simple to understand even for the youngest listener.

With the help of this book, you will be able to tell your child about true friendship and to teach them all the colors of the rainbow. Bright illustrations and amusing characters will guide your child, creating a delightful experience.

This story is instructive as well as tender and kind, making for a perfect bedtime story.
I wrote this book with a love for children so that it would be meaningful and useful in raising children with the most positive qualities.

Read this book before bed and you can be sure that your child will sleep well with dreams as sweet and colorful as this charming story!

Maybe one day this story will find its place on your child’s bookshelf.

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