T is for Toot

T is for Toot
: Stinky McToots
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: Kids : General
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How does one learn their ABC's?

#1 Best Smelling Author, Stinky McToots, has the answer in this slick rhyming book about the English alphabet.

The testimonials* speak for themselves:
  • "Immature, Irreverent, and Juvenile" - Lamest Person Ever
  • "A true literary achievement. I offer words as congratulatory as they are flatulatory." - Stinky McToots Sr.
  • "A True Tour-De-Farts." - Another Made Up Person
  • "Can't Stinky McToots come up with more original fake quotes?" - An obnoxious nerd, regarding the reuse of quotes from "The Fart That Got Away"

Well... You don't have to take the reviewer's words for it...

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