Quick Guide For Protection And Cleansing Your Aura From Negative Energy: Chakra Clearing And Chakra Healing Using Shaman's Drum, Bija Mantras, Tibetan Singing Bowls (Free Bonuses)

Quick Guide For Protection And Cleansing Your Aura From Negative Energy: Chakra Clearing And Chakra Healing Using Shaman's Drum, Bija Mantras, Tibetan Singing Bowls (Free Bonuses)
: Odin
: 21
: Non Fiction : General
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PRACTICES FOR PSYCHIC & ENERGETIC PROTECTION: HOW TO STRENGTHEN AURA & TO ACTIVATE THE ABILITY. Download Your Copy Now! LIMITED TIME BONUSES. Buy VIP-version of the course "PRACTICES" (Sale) http://odin-sadashiva.com/en/page/85
It's great and simple meditation for chakra balancing using sound and color – how to awaken chakras, how to open chakras, how to protect themselves from the evil eye and hoodoo, how to develop the abilities, to clean and activate chakras. This handbook is a very simple and quick way for chakra activation, chakra protection, chakra cleansing and chakra balancing, that quickly leads to better health and the well-being preservation. Get the talisman against the evil eye and hoodoo – a video for the aura and chakras cleansing!

Your Bonuses Are
Free Diagnosis of Aura by Photо:
Free Lessons to Strengthen Aura & Activation Ability:
Free Сhakra Test:
Free Helpful Practical Advices in the Author’s Blog:
Free Mastermind Group Where Odin Answer All Questions:

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1. Why the gods do not hear us or How to make desires come true.
2. Why the gods do not hear us: Practices (psychic & energetic protection: how to strengthen aura, to activate the ability).
3. The collection of video practices for course "Why the gods do not hear us: Practices."
4. Ways to overcome negative emotions: first simple steps to control your emotions, how to deal with negative emotions & stress.
5. How to feel the human aura & energy: 1st step to find your hidden emotions & energy movement in aura.
6. Telekinesis training: dissolving clouds with your mind power, development of psychic power for beginners.
7. How to return karmic debts & create a good future.
8. Third eye awakening: siddhis & supernatural abilities, simple exercise to activate your pineal gland.
9. Attention & concentration: how to improve concentration of vision & hearing.
10. Attention & concentration: how to improve vision concentration.
11. The practical guide to improve your mental concentration: how to improve hearing attention, control your attention.
12. Stopping the internal dialogue: simple way to stop negative self-talk, how to stop thinking negative thoughts.
13. How to change bad character traits: how to stop negative thoughts & feelings.
14. How to meditate properly: how to relieve stress, to get over anxiety attack, depression & sadness.
15. How to keep your body young & naturally boost your immune system.
16. Chakras for beginners: exercise for healing & opening your chakras anahata, vishuddha & ajna.
17. Exercise how to open your heart chakra, heart chakra cleansing.
18. Balance Yin & Yang: exercise for balance Yin Yang energies.
19. How to remove negative emotions – fears, anger, exasperation.
20. Bindu chakra – body rejuvenation: techniques for bindu chakra activation, preservation youth & health.
21. How to reduce your fears in 1 day: how to overcome fears using meditation to stop anxiety, panic & worry.
22. Healing mantra: Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra – mantra for happiness, peace, prosperity.
23. Development of inner attention.
24. Energetic & psychic protection: how to protect from psychic attack, enemies, manipulators & negative energy.
25. Fulfillment of desires – techniques that really work.
26. How to make good karma: how to change bad karma, how to quickly remove bad situations in the past & to change your present & future.
27. Quick guide for protection & cleansing your aura from negative energy using shaman's drum, bija mantras, tibetan singing bowls.

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