42 degrees of truth: Unicorn

42 degrees of truth: Unicorn
: Victoria Ray
: Raynotbradbury
: 131
: Non Fiction : General
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42 Degrees of Truth is a life-changing experience!

Each page of this poetry collection contains plenty of irony, dark humour, and straight-up oddness, all in the name of criticising social issues, cultural dysfunction, broken relationships, and our egoistic views.
Each poem is written with such beauty that you’ll find yourself craving to read the next one. Some are extremely heartbreaking, some are bitter and erotic, some teeter on the absurd, violence, and rage…

42 Degrees of Truth is also a powerful window into the mindset of the 21st century - the frustrations of sexism, the burdens of the monotonous family life, and the futility of the new All-What-I-Am culture.

As to be expected from Victoria Ray, the poems are hilarious, sharp, and eye-opening, with a touch of dark melancholy.

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