Relationship Workbook for Couples: Resolve Marriage Communication Issues, Get to the Deepest Level of Emotional Intimacy and Start Your Mutual Transformation

Relationship Workbook for Couples: Resolve Marriage Communication Issues, Get to the Deepest Level of Emotional Intimacy and Start Your Mutual Transformation
: Helen Wright
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: Non Fiction : General
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Do you really want to create a healthy and happy relationship with your partner? 

Welcome to this transformational relationship guide! My goal is to touch your heartstrings and take you through a soul-searching trip that will have you looking into the nature and essence of your relationship, to find gentle solutions for most of the problems you may be experiencing with your partner. Every successful relationship, despite its uniqueness, credits its success to the same principles, consideration, understanding, a willingness to try, positivity, consistent support, compromise, and a deep friendship.  

That is a practical book with the real-life examples and case studies, questionnaires and exercises for you to implement alone or with your partner. Apply the principles I have shared in this couples guide and fully commit to incorporating them in your day-to-day life and your relationship, no matter how difficult or how far out of your comfort zone the exercises may feel. In fact, if you feel an internal resistance, it should be a sign that you are making progress; change never comes easy, but it is always worth it! That way you will receive amazing results! Encourage your significant other to join you on this journey and with effort on both your parts, you will give birth to a healthy relationship that will make both of you feel confident and supported, not just for a moment, but possibly for eternity.

What will you discover in this book? 

- How to perceive the concepts «love» and «emotional intimacy»; 
- Why emotional intimacy is the key to a happy relationship and couples communication;
- How could you get to the deepest level of emotional intimacy with your partner; 
- What really determines happiness in a husband-wife relationship; 
- Effective couple communication techniques, tools and strategies; 
- Identifying you personal needs and goals as the first and the most important step in building long-lasting relationship; 
- How to transform your personal negative beliefs and attitudes;
- Four pillars that truly hold every couple relationship and crucial questions around them; 
- Simple and effective ways to make the desired changes happen;
- Expectations as a stumbling block to a relationship healing; 
- Case studies and practical exercises supporting each chapter. 

Remember, you and your partner can work through just about anything as long as you are both willing to try, apply the same kind of effort, and refrain from destroying each other or yourselves. At the very core, most relationships, despite their uniqueness, are successful for the same reasons and in this couples workbook, I seek to share those principles and approaches with you. 

Enjoy this journey of creating a fulfilling relationship!

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