Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life

Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life
: L.C. Fowler
: NavySeal.com Publishing
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: Non Fiction : General
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Are you thriving with Powerful Faith no matter how difficult the circumstances? Do you have the courage to live a Christian life? Are you the leader God called you to be? Having the guts to live as a Christian is not for the faint at heart!

Every Navy SEAL has one thing in common: they first graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, California.

To survive this unnerving training you have to be physically tenacious, mentally robust, and prepared to die, if necessary. Dare to Live Greatly is a powerful uncensored memoir about leadership, personal growth and inspirational faith that proves everyone is called to be a victorious warrior in life. No matter how dire the circumstances, the mind of a SEAL will never give up—nor should any Christian.

When Larry Fowler became a Navy SEAL BUD/S trainee, he could barely swim. Nevertheless, he somehow survived “Hell Week” and graduated.

His belief is that if he can survive Hell Week, you can survive and thrive where you’re at right now. Larry says it takes the same grit, courage, and tough-as-nails perseverance as a Navy SEAL in training to live the life of a true Christian. In his inspirational book, Dare to Live Greatly, he reveals how faith is continuous, action-packed, and a constantly fulfilling adventure.

These chapters will teach you:

  • Strategies for Christian growth for men and women
  • How to find the courage to live a Christian life
  • Actionable steps toward living a military Christian life
  • Courageous Christian leadership fuels church growth
  • Navy SEALs who live a Christian life faith
  • Among the leading books on Christian leadership
  • And much more…

This powerful Christian autobiography teaches strong faith, leadership, and fearless courage. A BUD/S trainee (a person training to become a SEAL) quits by ringing the brass bell, and it’s over. Likewise, when facing challenges, people often quit their faith. This book is ideal for all those who need encouragement to keep going, to thrive forward like Jesus.

Larry has faced many challenges in life, including the untimely death of his third son. He faced his own Lymphoma cancer, something he describes as a gift. But no matter what odds he has faced, he remains able to see the bigger picture and with Dare to Live Greatly, he shares with you through the lens of a Navy SEAL in training. This book will be inspirational or devotional for any church leader, man, or woman daring to live greatly. Then dare to live a powerful Christian life everyday!

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