Stop Telemarketing Calls & Get Paid

Stop Telemarketing Calls & Get Paid
: Tommy Tompkins
: Tommy J. Tompkins Jr
: 60
: Non Fiction : General
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Are you sick and tired of receiving annoying telemarketing robocalls at all hours of the day, disrupting your everyday life? In my eBook, I will show you a tested and trusted method, which I have laid out step-by-step, to stop these calls. It doesn’t end there, I’ll even show you how to get these telemarketers to PAY YOU $500 to $1,500 per call! My method has been tested and proven to get Telemarketers to not only stop calling your cell phone forever, but also proven to get telemarketers to pay you $500-$1,500 per call that was placed to your cell phone. There are no gimmicks and no additional purchases required, a little-known Federal Law that was passed in 1991 makes this all completely possible and is completely legal!

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